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HDSereneScapes® App

HDSereneScapes® films are ambient content films with natural location sounds (no dialog or music) and are intended as moving artwork for video displays, designed to create a calming and peaceful state of mind. You can use the HDSereneScapes® App to use as an alarm for a gentle wakeup or watch the soothing full-length features in the comfort of your home.


Official Hollywood Walk of Fame App

The Official Hollywood Walk of Fame app will enrich your experience as you view the Stars on Hollywood Boulevard. Through the app you can watch all of your favorite star’s ceremonies. Alternatively you can subscribe to our Vimeo page and watch the ceremonies at home.

IMG_6559The Don Rickles Mr. Warmth Application turns your iPhone into a Las Vegas Showroom featuring the legendary comedy great Don Rickles. Don, also known as the “Merchant of Venom,” zings everyone and anyone; no one is spared. Hear Don Rickles thoughts on the current crop of Presidential Candidates as well as his views on today’s leading celebrities (watch out Jimmy Kimmel and Sarah Palin). This application is sure to make you laugh out loud and understand what comedy is all about. This is classic comedy at its best.



IMG_6561If you love Johnny Carson, you’ll love this hilarious Carnac the Magnificent jokes video trivia app. Download the free Carnac jokes app on your iPhone or iPad and watch your favorite video clips of Johnny Carson’s most popular character, Carnac the Magnificent, delivering many of the funniest jokes in television comedy history. You’ll laugh out loud as you watch Carnac call upon his hilarious yet mystical seer talents and divine the funny answers to the questions sealed in the envelopes.Ross_Poster_1080x1600


Watch all of the Hollywood Walk of Fame star ceremonies at Vimeo on demand. See your favorite stars and their freinds celebrate these historic events.

59436_200x296The Before They Were Pros library from iconic sports producer Stu Ross features footage of some of today’s biggest athletes playing high school sports before they turned pro. The collection includes some of the most popular players from the NFL, the NBA, the NHL, MLB, the WNBA and even the Olympics. So check with us for video of Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Wayne Gretzky, Josh Beckett, Michael Phelps or hundreds of other athletes on their way to the top. Watch these young stars on Vimeo on demand.

Cosmos LogoThe New York Cosmos are an American professional soccer club based in New York City that has played in the North American Soccer League, the second division of North American soccer, since 2013. The present formation of the team and organization, established since August 2010, is a rebirth of the original New York Cosmos (1970-1985) that played in the previous North American Soccer League (1968-1984).
The games from 1977 to 1984 are available for rent on Vimeo.