About MediaMine

Helping content owners identify, migrate and manage their traditional assets, creating valuable digital media archives.

Whether a media company or business has accumulated film, videotapes, audio recordings, prints, negatives or documents, MediaMine has a solution for an organization’s asset management needs.

The MediaMine team works with each client to streamline operations while reducing costs, maximizing efficiencies and designing revenue-generating strategies for untapped and under-developed library resources. MediaMine understands not only the technology necessary to manage content, but the value of the assets and the creative possibilities to maximize distribution opportunities.

Collectively, the MediaMine team has over 100 years of entertainment industry experience in the creative, technical and media asset disciplines. But the service will benefit businesses far beyond Hollywood. In addition to media companies, MediaMine is the perfect digital media asset management partner for academic, museum, corporate and government collections.

MediaMine Mission

MediaMine’s mission is to serve as a bridge between the rich heritage of our shared world, the business objectives of media-involved companies, and the aspirations of media consumers.

Drawing on both new and traditional tools of communication, MediaMine is dedicated to helping businesses realize the full potential of their catalogs through a commitment to excellence in every aspect of the monetization solutions it undertakes. MediaMine aims to serve both its clientele and the public as an dynamic provider of innovative solutions for exploration and discovery through the media arts.

Classic Film and TV

MediaMine’s clients include some of the most influential and prolific content creators in the international entertainment and business communities. But all businesses can benefit from archiving, restoring and re-purposing their media assets,

MediaMine’s clientele includes:

  • Media and entertainment companies
  • Private library collection owners
  • Creative agencies and artists
  • Athletic teams
  • Universities
  • Museums
  • Retail product manufacturers and distributors