MediaMine Provides Content for “Letterman: A Life on TV”

“Eighteen days prior to our airdate our team was tasked with producing a special about David Letterman for CBS News. It ended up being a 90-minute clip show hosted by Ray Romano titled ‘Letterman: A Life on TV,’ and it was filled with the best moments from ‘Late Show with David Letterman,’ as well as moments from Dave’s career prior to CBS.

“Eighteen days to produce a show about someone as historic as David Letterman is a massive, some might say impossible, undertaking. Working with MediaMine made this more than possible and we truly could not have made this show without their amazing staff and website.

“They literally ramped up the production of their website to accommodate our show’s short timeframe. This website was truly amazing, not only could you search through their digitized archive of the ‘Late Show’ online with ease but you could even create your own screeners in real time. That meant, when a producer was curious about using a Stupid Pet Trick moment from May 1995 he/she could search on the MediaMine website, find it, download it and then see if it worked in the edit before going thru the steps to secure the high resolution footage. It saved time and money. The website was incredibly searchable as well. You could search using an airdate, a show number, a guest’s name and even simple keywords (i.e., Top Ten or hot air balloon).

“Apart from the website, the heart and soul of MediaMine – Barry, Keith, Chris and the rest of their team – were incredibly hands on and exceptionally attentive to our particular needs. Their level of professionalism, responsiveness, good humor and all around efficiency was what made this well-oiled producing machine hum.

“Since the special about David Letterman aired we have received a wealth of compliments from both inside as well as outside of CBS News and we even helped CBS win the #1 spot in viewership last week. It has been an incredibly rewarding experience all around  and I look forward to working with MediaMine again.” – Aimee deSimone, Coordinating Producer on “Letterman: A Life on TV” CBS News

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