Thrill the World Day Honors Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson Thriller, Victory Tour

Michael Jackson

Today is Thrill the World Day. Each October 29, thousands of people around the globe celebrate Michael Jackson by dancing simultaneously to Thriller. Besides celebrating the life and music of the King of Pop, Thrill the World Day was organized to inspire people around the world to break down barriers. The official movement’s website says the day was created to “connect with people of all religions, race, political and economic persuasions, contribute to helping humanity, encourage environmental stewardship and encourage people to step up as leaders, visionaries and creators.”

What is Thrill the World Day?

Groups of people in hundreds of countries, learn the Thriller choreography step-by-step, dress up as Zombies and recreate the iconic dance scenes from the 1982 ground-breaking, award-winning video. And if you think this is all a bit funny, this is serious business. If you go to the official website, there is a manual for staging an event and a 40-section breakdown of the dance to learn each move. Radio Station

There is an official Thrill The World Day radio station called that is playing Thriller at the top of the hour every hour from now until Thrill The World Day. And on the big day, they stage a three-hour countdown to Thrill Time, the simultaneous event, and live stream Thriller so fans can synchronize the footsteps around the world.

Michael Jackson in MediaMine’s Library

MediaMine’s library includes a rare collection of over 10,000 images of Michael and his family from the 1984 Victory tour sure to please any Michael Jackson fan. In addition the Hollywood Walk of Fame collection includes media from the the Jacksons’, Michael’s and Janet’s ceremonies. So be sure to check out the collection for your Thrill the World inspiration.

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